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If you suffer from one of the over 100 identified autoimmune diseases, the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) is designed to help you heal.

While there is no cure for the majority of autoimmune diseases the choices we make every day can have a powerful effect on how we feel.  With more and more evidence supporting the role of the gut in autoimmune disease,  the AIP protocol allows you to be proactive in your own health.  What we eat and the health of our gut are now identified as fundamental to reducing inflammation in our bodies and supporting our mental health.

What is the AIP diet:

It is a elimination and reintroduction diet and lifestyle management protocol to help identify the key triggers for your autoimmune symptoms.

When you have autoimmune disease your body can react negatively to foods that our generally considered healthy and good for you.  

AIP helps you:

1.    Identify foods that trigger you autoimmune symptoms e.g. joint pain, puffiness, muscle aches

2.   Reduce inflammation

3.  Helps heal and restores your gut integrity. 
4.   Boosts beneficial gut bacteria
5.   Helps you learn more about AIP and your body

6.  Minimse your stress and anxiety that comes with managing autoimmune disease  and symptoms.​
Autoimmune disease is a combination of genetics, environmental factors and diet & lifestyle.

Your genetics and past environmental exposures are not within your control but you can change your food choices and lifestyle.  By doing so, you can better manage your autoimmune symptoms. 
You cannot switch off your immune system but you can reduce your symptoms – and I can show you how.

As your health coach, my role is to support your behavioural changes so that you achieve profound and long-lasting well-being.


Coaching sessions can either be in person or by Zoom and the session structures and packages are individually designed for each client.   

AutoImmune Protocol is backed by research with more studies currently taking place.

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