Auto Immune Disease

There are three key factors that may contribute to autoimmune disease:

- your genetics

- your diet

- stress.


Our genetic inheritance is not something we can control, but we can control our diet and our stress levels. 


Research is uncovering the role our gut and our diet play in the development and progression of autoimmune disease. Mind Changes helps you identify the foods that trigger your body's major inflammatory responses.


The AutoImmune Protocol (AIP) is a scientifically supported, nutritionally dense elimination and reintroduction diet. ​


It’s specifically designed to reduce inflammation and the symptoms of autoimmune disease.


We combine the AIP elimination and reintroduction diet with hypnotherapy to help you reduce autoimmune-related symptoms and minimise the impact of your condition on your day-to-day life.


Mary is an AutoImmune Protocol certified coach and works with autoimmune clients online and in person.

If you would like to know more or discuss how this may help you, we are always happy to discuss your needs and how we can help.